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What is Enplug Art?

Enplug Art is a completely free app that enables anyone to turn a home smart TV into beautiful artwork.

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We’re on a mission to expand art accessibility through Enplug Art, an easy-to-use and completely free app that lets anyone with a smart TV show art in their home. As part of this exciting initiative, we’re building partnerships with contemporary artists whose credited works will be featured on TV screens around the globe.

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Why is Enplug Art free?

When Enplug CEO Nanxi Liu wasn't watching Netflix or Hulu, she was using Enplug to show art on her home TV screen. As COVID-19 shut down galleries, she saw an opportunity to introduce people to new artists directly in their homes while helping contemporary artists gain exposure and grow their networks. 

Introduce Enplug Art viewers to beautiful new artwork on their TV screens

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Inspire conversation with art from the world’s leading museums like LACMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Museum and more.

Discover new and upcoming artists

Our exclusive gallery partnerships showcase new artists making a name for themselves in LA and NYC's hottest galleries.

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Show stunning art on your TV for free 

Transform your home into a world-class art gallery with 1000s of digital artworks


Some of the greatest artists are known for pushing boundaries and challenging people to think more openly and view the world from a different perspective. I see a bit of that spirit in what Enplug is doing with its Art App, empowering artists to embrace technology in a new way to share their craft with a much more diverse audience.

Seamus Conley

Art is all about accessibility – making it easier to unite artists with people who appreciate and support the contemporary art scene. I’m happy to be a part of this movement to bring contemporary art within reach of a much broader audience.

Carlson Hatton  

Enplug's Art App is a wonderful, innovative solution to connect more viewers with more art. As a Korean-American artist, my paintings seek to modernize and expand the story of ancient Korean art into today's home, so I love that Enplug is making fine art more accessible.

Sharon Krane, Krane Home

Here’s what contemporary artists have to say about Enplug

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